Skiperformance AS

Skiperformance AS is a team of european professionals with more than 15 years of experience from the internet industry within the skiing and tourism sector. The team have a proven european footprint within internet development, concept and sales.

Based in Italy and Norway. Specializing in aggregating customer data and selling resort tickets.
Also including B2B distribution.

Products are developed around the vision of letting the ski resorts know and learn about their customers and interact with them to sell more and to attract new skiers to the resort.

  • About Skiperformance +

      Skiperformance AS is a team of european professionals with more than 15 years of Leggi tutto
  • Skiperformance mission +

    We are here to help resorts and skilift companies to: Increase online sales and customer Leggi tutto
  • Skiperformance values +

    Proactively envisioned how resorts and ski lift companies can take control over and use customer Leggi tutto
  • Skiperformance solutions +

    Skiperformance is offering a platform and services to: To sell tickets online  To gather and Leggi tutto
  • Skiperformance partners +

      Ticket partners:Skidata AGTeam Axess AG Payment partners:NetsElavon Technical partners:Google Amazon hosting Other partners:Innovation Norway Leggi tutto
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  • Chi siamo +

        Siamo un team di professionisti con oltre 15 anni di esperienza nel mondo Leggi tutto
  • Skiperformance mission +

    Aiutare le stazioni sciistiche e le società degli impianti a: Aumentare le vendite on-line e Leggi tutto
  • Perchè Skiperformance +

    Per aiutare proattivamente le località turistiche, le società di gestione degli impianti di risalita e Leggi tutto
  • Soluzioni Skiperformance +

    La piattaforma Skiperformance è ideale per: Vendere biglietti online con conseguente accesso diretto ai tornelli Leggi tutto
  • Skiperformance partners +

      Partner per la biglietteria:Skidata AGTeam Axess AG Partner per i pagamenti:NetsElavon Partner tecnici:Google Amazon Leggi tutto
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