Skiperformance is offering a platform and services to meet the demands of the customers of the resort and to meet new trends in payment, social behavior, loyalty and technical requirements

Online ticket sales & QR code module print@Home

  • Save money be cost efficient
  • Print@Home
  • Improve customer service
  • Less employees at the ticket office, save costs
  • Self service for the customer
  • Sell your tickets 24/7
  • Sales management
  • Less administration for groups, 1 pdf/QR code pr ticket


QR code tickets - use pdf or smartphone to enter the gate

  • Buy tickets online and go directly to the entrance gate
  • The customer email receipt includes a QR code ticket
  • Scan the QR code ticket at the gate from a pdf print
  • Scan the QR code ticket from a SmartPhone
  • Supports QR codes and Datametrix
  • Supports scan and print at the POS ticket vending machine
  • Customers can download their tickes to their mobile wallet 

google wallet for ski pass

Resort functions

  • Sell tickets online on own homepage
  • Take control of your Customer Data
  • More targeted customer dialog
  • More efficient and cost effective marketing
  • Use the standard user interface or customize the webshop look and feel to the resorts profile

Back office and reports

  • Available data of customer profiles
  • Access to additional customer data through social login
  • Available data of all sales
  • Sales reports by ticket type, gender, age, country, date
  • Location maps, where the customer live and where the customer was when the ticket was purchased
  • Know your customer - easy customer registration

Easy customer registration

  • Available data of all the customer profiles
  • The customer can use their existing social account to log in, such as Facebook, google+, twitter accounts
  • Customer “My page” with information of all orders, receipts, and personal information.
  • Access to customer data for analysis and digital marketing.

Technical details

  • Cloud based datacenter
  • Standard version includes set up of 2 languages
  • Requires Team Axess or Skidata ticketing system

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  • E-commerce platform for Ski pass & Ticket sales +

    Skiperformance e-commerce platform is Compatable with Leggi tutto
  • Dynamic Pricing for tickets and ski passes +

      Online sales - Customer functions Purchase Leggi tutto
  • Activity & Event sales solution +

    Easy to use by also enabling Leggi tutto
  • QR/bar code module print@Home tickes +

        Skiperformance is offering a Leggi tutto
  • Ski pass Agent booking module +

    Agent booking module B2B for the Leggi tutto
  • Ski pass & tickets language addons +

    With the Skiperformance language module you Leggi tutto
  • Group booking addon for ski pass and ticket sales +

    Group booking module The group booking Leggi tutto
  • Ski pass and ticket promo code addon +

    Sell Ski pass to chosen group Leggi tutto
  • Marketing tracking addon for online sales of ski pass and tickets +

    Marketing tracking module Skiperformance e-commerce platform Leggi tutto
  • E-commerce platform for Ski pass & Ticket sales +

    Skiperformance e-commerce platform is Compatable with Leggi tutto
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 Works with Skidata skiosk® Smart Vending Mountain and skiosk® Lite Vending Mountain

kiperformance Standard Ticket Sales & QR code Module

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