Sell Ski pass to chosen group of skiers with a promotion code!


Promotion code opens new possibilities to sell!

  • Sell ski pass with a promotion code. 
  • You can create 1 promo code for each product
  • You can create one single promocode or unique promo codes for each user.
  • Limit the number of ski pass to sell to each promo code user.
  • Limit the time period a user can buy a ski pass with the promo code.
  • Make special customers able to buy ski pass online without telling other customer the discounted price of the ski pass.
  • “Sell” the ski pass to your employees online, get them to buy the free ski pass, no need to get all employees to line up at the cash desk to get their employee ski pass
  • Create online campaigns for ski pass sales, example: Buy 2 daily skipass get 1 for free
  • Create online campaigns for ski pass sales E.G. 20% off during mid week, etc etc.
  • Arranging a ski race at your resort with discounted ski passes? Get all the skiers to buy online with their promo code. No need to open the ticket office early in the morning for the ski racers. Ski clubs can really easy buy their discounted ski pass online-no manual handling.
  • Partner companies-give their employees access to a special price, no manual handling at the ticket office.
  • Local communal/municipal discounts-use the promo code

    Online sales - customer functions

    • Buy a product and pick it up at the resort
    • Buy a ticket to an event/activity 
    • Book on a specific date, time or time range
    • Includes  “My page” with information of all orders, receipts, and personal information
    • Print@home solution
    • Mobile ticket
    • Send ticket to a friend from My page
    • Download pdf ticket from My page

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  • E-commerce platform for Ski pass & Ticket sales +

    Skiperformance e-commerce platform is Compatable with Leggi tutto
  • Dynamic Pricing for tickets and ski passes +

      Online sales - Customer functions Purchase Leggi tutto
  • Activity & Event sales solution +

    Easy to use by also enabling Leggi tutto
  • QR/bar code module print@Home tickes +

        Skiperformance is offering a Leggi tutto
  • Ski pass Agent booking module +

    Agent booking module B2B for the Leggi tutto
  • Ski pass & tickets language addons +

    With the Skiperformance language module you Leggi tutto
  • Group booking addon for ski pass and ticket sales +

    Group booking module The group booking Leggi tutto
  • Ski pass and ticket promo code addon +

    Sell Ski pass to chosen group Leggi tutto
  • Marketing tracking addon for online sales of ski pass and tickets +

    Marketing tracking module Skiperformance e-commerce platform Leggi tutto
  • E-commerce platform for Ski pass & Ticket sales +

    Skiperformance e-commerce platform is Compatable with Leggi tutto
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