Purchase tickets online choosing among different price ranges!


Dynamic Pricing Sales

Online sales - Customer functions

  • Purchase of tickets or activities with the option to choose among different price ranges

Resort advantages and functions

  • Create campaigns based on the dynamic "price" lever
  • Advanced algorithm to manage, independently or simultaneously, variables that affect the final price of a product or a service
  • Time: how long before or (within how long) to have a given price
  • Quantity: setup a sales threshold (unit or turnover) at which a certain price becomes the actual sale price
  • Seasonality: management of calendars to customize sales periods with different prices/discounts
  • Other variables that can influence the sale price
  • Option to link the sales (and therefore the conditions or variables) of different managed webshops (e.g. several resorts in an area)
  • Option to associate conditions or variables to all price categories or only to some of them provided for by the product or service (e.g. only Adult or Adult and Child)
  • Management of both percentage and punctual discounts, and any rounding.

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